Chilling With A Wine Storage Cooler

From at least the time of the ancient Greeks, when the wine god Bacchus blessed his human hosts Ikarios and Erigon with a sheepshead full of wine for their hospitality, wine has been considered a gift from the gods. It is so highly treasured, in fact, that an entire culture has grown up around the creation and appreciation of wine. The truly dedicate wine connoisseur is skilled in many facets of the wine culture, not the least of which is its correct storage. It was for the proper storage of wine, in fact, the wine storage cooler was created .

There are many different varieties of the wine storage cooler; but all of them are designed for one purpose–to ensure that wine is kept at the optimum temperature. The two greatest enemies of wine’s quality are heat and light, which can rob it of its flavor and aroma, and turn it from wine into vinegar, or something worse. A wine which has been allowed to go off is one of the tragedies of life, and no true wine lover would ever knowingly permit it to happen to one of his or her wines.

Features Of Wine Storage Coolers

The two most important features for any wine storage cooler, therefore, are that it be light proof, and that it cam maintain wine at the proper temperature. A wine storage cooler will contain either a passive, or active, temperature control system. A passive cooling system is the result of the cooler’s construction, and usually includes a lining of Styrofoam or some other state of the art insulating material from NASA or another space-age agency.

An active wine storage cooler [], however, will have, like the passive cooler, the insulating liner; but it will also have an adjustable refrigeration system to cool its interior. Active wine coolers are very popular for white wine lovers, as white wine is intended to be served chilled if its taste is to be fully developed. There are small wine storage coolers which can hold one or two bottles which add a perfect touch to romantic interludes.

Prices Of Wine Storage Coolers

The price of a wine storage cooler will depend on how many features it offers; wine storage coolers have different numbers of shelves, digital or dial controls, and doors which open in one or both directions. Active wine coolers will range from $350 to almost $2000, but the higher priced wine storage coolers are usually used in restaurants and bars.

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